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 Anarchy in the UK (Japanese compilation cd)  Anarchy in the UK, I Wanna Be Me, Pretty Vacant, No Fun, Satellite, No Feelings (Live), Liar, God Save The Queen, Problems (Live), Seventeen, Anarchy In The UK (Alternate Version), Submission, Pretty Vacant (Live), New York, EMI, Anarchy In The UK (Live)         Ref Receiver Records TECW 20577

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 And We Don't Care (Japanese compilation) Tracks :- Pretty Vacant, No Fun, Anarchy in the UK, I wanna be me, God save the Queen, Here we go again, Rock'n'Roll Swindle, C'mon Everybody, Did you no wrong, Black Leather, Satellite, Silly Thing, My Way.  Ref No YX-7247-AX

 Limited Edition Pic Disc (Live tracks)  Submission,Liar,Substitute,No Feelings, No Fun,Pretty Vacant,Problems,God save the Queen,I wanna be me,Seventeen,New York,EMI,Belsen was a gas,Bodies,Holidays in the Sun. Ref PIC 007

 The Filth and the Fury Soundtrack (Collection of Pistols and other artists)
God Save The Queen
 Bay City Rollers - Shang-A-Lang, The Who - Pictures of Lily, Roxy Music - Virginia Plain, Alice Cooper - School's Out,  Simaryp - Skinhead Moonstomp, Sailor - Glass of Champagne, The Creation - Through My Eyes,  David Bowie - The Jean Genie,  Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen
Submission, No Lip, What'cha Gonna Do About It, Road Runner, Substitute, Seventeen
 Anarchy In The U.K.  Pretty Vacant, Did You No Wrong, Liar, EMI, No Feelings, I Wanna Be Me,  Problems
Tappa Zukie - Way Over (In Dub)  New York Dolls - Looking For A Kiss
Holidays In The Sun, Bodies, No Fun     Ref No CDVD2909

 Filthy Lucre Live (Finsbury Park London June 1996) Edited version of the first Pistols gig in the UK in almost 20 years.  Bodies,Lazy Sod,Looking for a kiss,No Feelings,Did you no wrong,God save the Queen,Liar,Satellite,Stepping Stone,Holidays in the Sun,Submission,Pretty Vacant,EMI,Anarchy in the UK,Problems (Encore of No Fun not on the album) Excellent quality (10/10) ###

 Rock Stars (Swindle Film Compilation CD) Anarchy in the UK Rock around the clock God save the queen Lonely boy The great rock n roll swindle No one is innocent No lip  Johnny b goode Einmal war belsen wirflich bortreffish Holidays in the sun C'mon everybody Anarchie pour le uk Liar Pretty vacant My way Something else Did you no wrong No fun Who killed bambi  I wanna be me Friggin in the riggin You need hands EMI God save the queen

 Pig Dog Interview (Pic disc containing various interviews)

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 Ace Fish (2cd's of interviews 1976 - 1996)

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 Outragous and outspoken (Sid and John interviews 1977/1978)

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 Adrian Boot interview pic disc ###

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 Words about music (Interview pic disc)

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 Aural Sex  (English/Italian book with 6 track cd of Burton/Goodman tracks,New York,No Lip,Substitute,No Feelings,No Fun,Pretty Vacant) Ref Sonicbook19  ###

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 Maximum Sex Pistols (Interviews and biography with poster)

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 Conversation Disc (Interview CD) ###

 The Heyday Cassette (interview tape with the Vermorels for Inside story book)
Factory Ref FACT 30 ###

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 The Heyday CD (new version on cd with added interviews)
Ref The Boutique Label BOUCD 6603 ###

 1996 100 Club Press Conference (CD of the whole interview) ###

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 Johnny Rotten  (Pic disc interview cd) SHAD 001CD ###

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 Back and there again (4 cd box set includes Pirates of Destiny and Wanted plus Goodman demos)
Disc 1: Lydon speaks,No Feelings (Spedding session),Lazy Sod(Live in Sweden),Bernard Brook Partridge comments,Problems (Spedding session),Medley of Anarchy/Pretty Vacant and God save the Queen,I wanna be me (Live in Sweden),Maclaren talks,Schools are prisons,Maclaren Interview,Lydon Interview,Woddstock Baby (So it goes),Substitute,No Lip,Stepping Stone,Johnny B Goode/Roadrunner,Watcha gonna do about it,Thru my eyes,Lazy Sod (Live in England1977)
Disc 2: Maclaren Interview,Suburban Kid demo,Here we go again,No Lip (live),No Fun (live),Pretty Vacant demo,Revolution in the classroom,God save the Queen (live),Bill Grundy interview,Unlimited Supply  (demo)Anarchy in the UK,Submission demo
Disc 3:Submission,Lazy Sod,Satellite,I wanna be me,No Feelings
Disc 4: God save the Queen,Problems,Pretty Vacant,Liar,EMI,New York,No Fun,Anarchy in the UK

 Sid Vicious Interview(Electric Ballroom 1978 with the Vicious White Kids) includes interviews with Nancy Spungen, Rat Scabies and Glen Matlock  Tracks :- Foreplay,  Sid, Steve And Two Frogs Doing It Their Way, I'm The Star, I Am, Never Again, I'm Not Stupid, It's The Way I Operate, Cough Up Or Get Kicked In, Nancy, She's Damn Smart, Rat Scabies And Glen Matlock Discuss Sid.
Ref Oz It Records/Morpheus #0062

 John Lydon Interviews 1992/1994 (John Lydon Radio Interviews from 1992 and 1994)
Talking about the Sex Pistols and PIL ###

 Fully Illustrated cd and booklet Interview cd with history booklet (includes pics) ###

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 Submission  (Live and Spunk tracks) Pretty vacant, No feelings, I wanna be me, Lazy Sod, Submission, C'mon everybody, Search and destroy, Anarchy in the UK, Satellite, No lip, Somethin' else,
 Stepping stone, Belsen was a gas, My Way, Bill Grundy interview   Ref DELTA 47097 ###

 Submission (2 CD set of live tracks and Sid Vicious live at hte Electric Ballroom) comes with an eight page booklet.
CD1 Sex Pistols Live:   Pretty Vacant, No Feelings, I Wanna Be Me, Lazy Sod, Submission, Címon Everybody, Search & Destroy, Anarchy In The UK, Satellite, No Lip, Bill Grundy Interview
CD2 Sid Vicious Ė Live At The Electric Ballroom Camden 1978:  Somethiní Else. Címon Everybody. Stepping Stone. No Lip. I Wanna Be Your Dog. Belsen Was A Gas. Chatterbox. Tight Pants. My Way. Search & Destroy. My Way (Alt. Version)  Ref Iceni 5060093600407

 Destroy (Live at the 76 Club September 1976) Yet another Burton on Trent release !!
 Australian label   Ref Mastertech 505042

 Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious (Live tracks from Burton and Max's) Anarchy In The UK, Search And Destroy, Chatterbox, I Wanna Be Me, Seventeen, New York, No Lip, Stepping Stone, Satellite Kid, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Submission, Liar, Substitute, No Feelings, No Fun.

 Sid Dead Live (compliation of Max's gigs). Track Listing :- Search and Destroy, Chatterbox, Something Else, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Belsen Was A Gas, Steppin' Stone, Take a Chance On Me, No Lip, Chinese Rocks, My Way, Search and Destroy, Chatterbox, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Something Else, Stepping Stone, No Lip, Belsen Was a Gas. Punk Collectors series cd

 No Feelings  Live compilation Tracks 1-11 Sex Pistols in England,1977 - Tracks 12-19 Sex Pistols in London,September 24th,1976 (Burton on Trent) Tracks: 1-Pretty Vacant 2-Holidays in the sun 3-Emi 4-Belson was a gas 5-Problems 6-God save the queen 7-Seventeen 8-Anarchy in the UK 9-Satellite 10-No feeling 11-Submission 12-I wanna be me 13-I'm a lazy sod 14-New York 15-Don't give me no lip 16-Stepping zone 17-Liar 18-Substitute 19-No fun. Ref Great Dane GDR-9123.

 Holiday In The Sun Double cd of live and studio tracks plus interviews (more info coming soon)


     Never mind the Bootlegs (Promotional cassette tape from the 1980's)  Liar,Stepping Stone and Lazy Sod (Seventeen) from "Better live than Dead"  Submission and Anarchy in the UK from "The Mini Album" and God save the Queen,EMI,The Swindle Continues and Silly Thing from "The Swindle Continues"  Ref Enigma Records: ENPRO002

 The Studio Collection (Goodman demo's) Anarchy in the UK,I wanna be me,No Feelings,Submission,Satellite,Seventeen,Pretty Vacant,Liar,New York,Problems,EMI,God save the Queen.

 Deny (Sex Less Pistols) Legendary rare Vinyl LP featuring Glen Matlock, Tracks are:- Don't fear that your life will come to an end,only fear that it won't begin,Schools are prisons,Judging MInds,Boasting,Revolution in the Classroom,Happy Families,?,Dancing on the Dole,The Great British Weekend,Cliches,Nicotine Addict,Daily Life,Can't see the Bars till we try to get out,Factory. Comes with a lyric sheet. Ref Mandala 93 ###

 Antler Pic disc issued in the Netherlands (Holland) Pretty Vacant,Anarchy in the UK,No Feelings,Submission,Seventeen abd Satellite. Ref Antler 37

 Extended Versions Live tracks from Burton on Trent 1976 Tracks:- New York, No Fun, Liar, Did you no wrong, Anarchy in the UK, Stepping Stone, Pretty Vacant, I wanna be me, Submission, Problems.

 Pretty We Ain't Compilation album of studio outakes and live tracks. Anarchy in the UK,I Wanna Be Me,Seventeen,New York,EMI,Submission,Problems,God Save The Queen,Pretty Vacant,Belson Was A Gas,Bodies,Holidays In The Sun,Lazy Sod,Substitute,Bernard Brook Statement,Liar,No Feelings,Rotten/MaClaren/Vicious Air their feelings. Ha Ha Records

 We Mean it Man Compilation of studio tracks and interviews Anarchy in the UK,I Wanna Be Me,Seventeen,New York,EMI,No Feelings,Pretty Vacant,God save the Queen,Bodies,Submission,Holidays in the Sun,Problems,Swindle Advert,Sid Vicious Interview,Mclaren/Rotten Interview,Leeds Poy Interview,No Fun,Bill Grundy Interview

 The Rare Best of The Sex Pistols  Anarchy In The UK,God Save The Queen,Pretty Vacant,I Wanna Be Me,Seventeen,Problems,Liar,No Feelings,Substitute,No Fun,EMI,No Lip,Satellite,New York,Submission,Anarchy In The UK alternative version. Japanese only release Ref Receiver TECX-20699

 Roots of the Sex Pistols (Mojo Free CD) Compilation of various tracks which "inspired" the Sex Pistols music (Says who?) includes a remixed version of Seventeen from Winterland 1978. Great stuff ###

 Daily Star Free CD  Compilation of Dave Goodman produced tracks

 Agents of Anarchy  2008 compilation of Remixed Dave Goodman tracks and Pistols/Sid live tracks

Disc 1
Submission,  Did You No Wrong, What You Gonna Do About It, Feedback, New York, Substitute, Liar, No Lip, Anarchy in the UK (Disco mix), The Last Interview (Rare 23 minute interview at the Winterland in San Francisco)  
Disc 2  
Pretty Vacant, No Feelings, I Wanna Be Me, I'm a Lazy Sod, Submission, C'mon Everybody, Search & Destroy, Anarchy in the UK, Satellite, No Lip, God Save the Queen, My Way, Bill Grundy Interview   

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