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Black Leather/Here we go again From the 6 singles box set (Cook/Jones post -pistols) ###

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Pretty Vacant/Submission (USA edition) ###

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Pretty Vacant/No Fun/Buddies (Bodies)/ No Feelings (Spedding session) Virgin 1996
3 tracks live at Finsbury 1996 includes No Fun which was'nt on the Filthy Lucre LIve CD album, Released on cd and silver vinyl ###

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Pretty Vacant (I track live single 7" vinyl and CD from Finsbury Park 1996)

Submission/Anarchy in the UK (Chaos label 7"and 12" , white vinyl)

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Sex Pistols/Sofisticatos  No Feelings/New York Rocket
Unofficial single

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And we don't care 7" Vinyl (Spedding sessions 1976) ###

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God save the Queen/No fun Huddersfield Xmas Day 1977 bootleg single (Part of London's Outrage Box set)


Anarchy in the USA/Belsen was a gas (Live bootleg single from Winterland concert) Ref SUK1

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Revolution in the Classroom/Schools are Prisons (Ex Pistols/Goodman project)

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Pretty Vacant/The Ugly  Unofficial single Ref MR053

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Sex Pistols/The Curse  unofficial single

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Anarchy live/Return of the Vampyre Sex Pistols/Bollock Brothers

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Regular s.f. 'ippies and assorted longhairs (Live Bootleg EP from KFAN Radio Broadcast 1978) Bodies,Holidays in the sun,Pretty Vacant and Anarchy in the USA ###

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Submission/New York (French Glitterbest release 1977) available in 7" and 12" vinyl

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Silly Thing/Anarchy in the UK (Portugal release)

5 Track Sampler CD Anarchy in the UK,Pretty Vacant,Bodies,God save the queen,Holidays in the sun
Ref no Sexdj96

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4 track Live CD EP (Burton on Trent) Ref CDEP13 ###

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Pretty Vacant (2 cd set -Pretty Vacant,17,Submission,Watcha gonna do about it,Pretty Vacant ,No feelings,EMI,Satellite. Tracks from Spunk,Swindle + Demo out takes)  Ref VSCDG1448/VSCDT 1448 ###

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The Greedies Xmas Record Merry Jangle (Cook/Jones and Thin Lizzy)
I hoped this was a piss take, but no, Cook and Jones meant it.Groups like Thin Lizzy were the whole reason Punk started i.e. to get rid of boring rock bands.What more reason did you need to say punk was dead than this farce.

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God save the Queen 3 track cd with original version plus 2 x Neil Barnes remixes  
Ref VSCDT1832 ###

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God save the Queen  9 different remixes (Neil Barnes and originals)


Pretty Vacant/L'anarchie pour le UK (German release from 'Klassen Feind' Film)

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Russian Flexi discs (Recently sold on e-bay) Bodies,Stepping Stone,Satellite,Anarchy in the UK.Not much info on this, probably given away with a magazine or fanzine.

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Justifiable Homicide (Dave Goodman and "Friends" - Jones and Cook ?)  ###

Jock McDonald's "Indecent Exposure Show" with Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Youth
Ref  Charly Records CAT NO. CYZ 108

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Ray Of Gob (Madonna meets The Sex Pistols) Underground mix of Madonna's Ray of Light vocals over a backing track mix of The Pistols Pretty Vacant and God save the Queen. Available in mpeg/cdr and video. Great Fun  ###
A Go Home Production

Submission (Madonna meets the Sex Pistols) Underground mix of Submission and Music ###

Pistol Whipped (12" Vinyl EP) Sex Pistols mixes of :-
Ray Of Gob (Radio Edit 2004), Madonna's Ray of Light and God save the Queen
Problems At The Gay Bar, Electric Six's Gay Bar and Problems
No Feelings 4 Cher, Cher's Believe and No Feelings
Ray Of Gob (Extended) Madonna's Ray of Light
Submusic, Madonna's Music and Submission


No Lip/Stepping Stone (Free single with Spiral Scratch Magazine) Live tracks from Sid Vicious and the Vicious White Kids at Electric Ballroom London 1978 ###

Pretty Vacant/I wanna be me (Free single with Spiral Scratch Magazine) Demo/Studio tracks from July 1976 ###

Bodies/Johnny B Goode Japanese 7" vinyl  Ref VIrgil VDJ 25


EMI/Substitute Japanese 7" vinyl   Ref Virgil VDJ 26

The 7" singles reissue on one cd

Guitar Hero - Anarchy in the UK and Pretty Vacant re-recorded in 2007 for the Console game

Roadrunner - Mashup/mix with Johnathan Richman

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