Review: 2 August 1996 – Music Complex, Dallas, Texas, USA – Filthy Lucre Tour

Anarchy In Dallas

On August 2nd the reformed Sex Pistols played the Dallas Music Complex. The Dallas music complex is a graffitied up warehouse. By the time the Sex Pistols came out at 10:p.m the place was packed and 125 degrees. Johnny came out and noted “It’s fucking hot in here. In case you didn’t know we are the Sex Pistols.” The first song played was Bodies, and I can’t say I have ever heard it played better. The audience was a rather strange one, with a few 14 year olds, some late teenagers, and even a few 40 year olds.

The band was very lively and despite all the bad reviews they have received the Dallas show was better than any show I have ever seen. One article in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram noted “They played like they could eat Metallica alive.”

Johnny, of course was hilarious with such comments as “Do you like my little boy outfit? You think Michael Jackson will fancy me?” and “This is about a bitch back home,” before going into God Save The Queen. At the end of the set as Johnny said “Goodnight Dallas” the audience began chanting “Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy!” The Sex Pistols came back out and played “Anarchy in the UK”, and “Problems”. For forty year old men – hey, for men in their twenties – they sure know how to rock.

Review Courtesy of Dave Repulsive

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