Review: 7 July 1996 – Sportshall, Prague, Czech Republic – Filthy Lucre Tour

Pistols Exhibition

PRAGUE–The concert took place in Sport hall ‘Vystaviste’ (near the main exhibition area of Prague), capacity of the hall is from five to ten thousand people (or ten to fifteen? who knows).

I came there at noon and there were quite a lot of strange-looking characters around, sitting on lawns, walking near streets etc. At eight o’clock the place was packed with punks and it was clear from their hairdos that they were prepared for the event of nineties:-) Some really nice hairdos were bright pink hair on the top of the hair (short), brown Cherokee with orange edge, Cherokee in the form of spikes, etc…

I was quite surprised that the atmosphere was very calm — no fights, no drunks etc (well, almost). This calmness lasted until the end of concert. Unbelievable — maybe everybody was so excited about the Sex Pistols… 🙂 I sure was (my wife was with me; she wasn’t that much of a fan before, but now she is).

Review by Erik Steffl

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