God Save The Queen

1977 and Glen Matlock has been replaced by Sid Vicious,1st nail in the coffin, punk mania has taken over the country and punk clothes can be bought anywhere.But Seditionaries still has that distinctive look about the clothes they sell (they should do they cost enough) and style does'nt come cheap.Rival shop BOY start selling their versions of punk clothing most of which is quite good and half the price of Seditionaries,but this was to be a major role in the making of the "Punk Elite".Seditionaries clothes screamed "look what I can afford" and the wearing of a Seditionaries t-shirt just was'nt good enough,you had to have the whole lot,Westwood/Maclaren bondage pants,boots etc to be accepted in London's clubs.Another nail in the coffin.
The country is ready to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee and patriotism is at an all time high.
Bang!!!  the Pistols appear ready to shock and outrage once again, but this time Sid wants a slice of the cake.Move over John. Sid insults the crowd at gigs and even does the 1 -2 - 3 - 4's at the start of each song, you could see he was taking over the band.
With their interpretation of the national anthem the Sex Pistols again become public enemy number one.

Violence seems to be the order of the day now,it's not safe to walk the Kings Road ,with running battles between punks and teddy boys every Saturday.
Skinheads take over at punk gigs (blame Jimmy Pursey who announced that skinheads were back and punks were middle class rich kids, then he has the nerve to criticise the skins when they start fights)
And shock horror tactics reach an all time high,mohican haircuts,pins in faces etc.this was a million miles away from punks beginings.3rd nail.
Even Seditionaries t-shirts were getting out of hand,nearly every t-shirt had a penis on it (can't wear those in front of my mum)
But the Pistols just kept on coming and we loved them.Then just like every other band before (and since) they try and conquer America, inevitably disaster awaited.Final nail in the coffin.
In centuries to come people will look back and think "My God, that man (Johnny Rotten) was right. How could the British people allow themselves to live in such repressed conditions while the upper classes (and the Royals in particular) live in total extravagance".
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Above  = gum backed stickers/flyers (never used)
Below = God save the queen posters (Jamie Reid Specials available on e-bay)

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Highlight of the year was the infamous boat trip on the Thames.
The Pistols had to tour in "secret" under different names, but still they played to packed houses.