Sex Pistols 2003 pics                          
Boston 20th August
First night of the 2003 tour kicked off in Boston with the songs Bodies, Lazy Sod, New York, No Feelings, Did you no wrong, Belsen was a Gas, God save the Queen, Liar, No Fun, Submission, Holidays in the Sun, Pretty Vacant, EMI, and an encore of Anarchy In The UK.

Jones Beach New York 21st August

Toronto Canada 25th August (pics courtesy Alex Kerr)
San Francisco September 3rd
Jimmy Kimmel TV Show
San Diego 7th September (pics courtesy of H.Colson)
Chicago (Pics © Laura Schofield, sent in by Steve Black)
Arizona 9th September (courtesy Steve Black)  © Nick de la Torre

Los Angeles Greek Theatre  6th September
Anyone know where these pics below are from ?