Sex Pistols books + magazines
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Mojo has a large spread on the Pistols with rare photos.

They died too young is a tiny booklet about Sid Vicious.

Rock'n'Roll Comics is the Pistols story in cartoon format.

Classic Rock Albums is one of the best Pistols Books available, loads of information.

Never Mind the Bollocks is a songbook with words and music (guitar and piano) for all the tracks on the album.

I Swear I Was There is a book about the  Manchester scene and the many (mostly talentless) bands that emerged from there.Told in statement form,like the Punk Book, it shows how desperate the Manchester scene was i.e. if you were'nt at the Free trade hall gig then you're a no one,so everyone had to lie and say that they were there....and even to this day nobody realised that punk was about fashion/style not music.

Agents of Anarchy is about everything after America 1978 i.e PIL,Rich Kids,Bow Wow Wow.

El Sid Saint Vicious is a total waste of time,made up fake storylines and not one single picture except for the cover.

Sid Vicious Rock n Roll Star has loads of rare pics and the Sid story ,a great book

Day by Day is nearly the full Pistols history (one of the best Pistols books)

The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle is a newspaper type magazine with storylines and photos from the film.

History of Rock is part of a weekly collection with the pistols featured in this edition.
Retrospective is an almost complete Discography
Vacant is Nils Stephensons version of Early Pistols shenanigans.
Punk is a massive book about how punk started,told in statement form.
The Illustrated guide is about punk in general

"I was a teenage Sex Pistol" is Glen Matlock's version of events

12 Days on the Road is an eye witness account of the USA tour. Possibly the most boring book I have ever read, even the few pictures in there are out of focus, (File it away with Bob Gruens Chaos book !!)

The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle is a lyrics and tabs booklet from the film.

England's Dreaming is the ultimate Punk book. An amazing amount of research has gone into this book with some ultra rare photos. If you only ever buy one book about the Sex Pistols and the Punk culture make sure it is this one.

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