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 This is Crap (Bollocks,Spunk and Spedding tracks) This is one of the few essential albums to get. Bollocks,Spunk.Mini Album,Spedding Demo's,they're all here.Ref SPUNK 1 7245 8 1937 2 0  ###
 No future U.K. (Spunk album plus a few extras - No fun with ending and Anarchy in the UK demo)
Excellent quality. Ref CD RR 117 ###

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 There is No Future (Same as No Future with Substitute Live at Burton added) Ref ESMCD783 ###
 No future in the UK (USA Double CD) Anarchy In The UK, I Wanna Be Me, Seventeen, New York, EMI, No Feelings, Pretty Vacant, God Save The Queen, Bodies, Submission, Holidays In The Sun, Problems, Swindle Promo, Sid Vicious Interview, TV Documentary, MacLaren/Rotten Int., Leeds Polytech Interview, No Fun, Grundy Interview, Seventeen, Satellite, No Feelings, I Wanna Be Me, Sub Mission, Anarchy In The UK, Pretty Vacant, Holidays In The Sun, EMI, Belson Was A Gas, Problems, God Save The Queen.
Ref VOM CDD 002

 Raw (Bits and pieces taken from other albums such as Burton on trent,Spunk, Mini Album etc) Pretty Vacant,Submission,EMI,Anarchy in the UK,No Lip,Liar,Lazy Sod,New York,No Feelings,No Fun,Problems,I wanna be me,Substitute. Excellent quality Ref EMPRCD 716 ###

 Raw and Live (Double cd of various Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious solo live tracks)  Disc 1 :- Pretty Vacant,No Feelings,I Wanna Be Me,Iím A Lazy Sod,Submission,Címon Everybody,Search & Destroy,Anarchy In The UK,Satellite,No Lip,Bill Grundy Interview.
Disc 2 :- Somethiní Else,Címon Everybody,Stepping Stone,No Lip,I Wanna Be Your Dog,Belsen Was A Gas,Chatterbox,Tight Pants,My Way,Search & Destroy,My Way (Alt Version).
 Live Worldwide (Goodman demos plus live tracks from Sweden, San Francisco and Burton on trent) Stepping stone, Satellite, No Fun, Substitute, Problems, God save the queen, I wanna be me, Anarchy in the UK, Pretty Vacant, No Feelings, No Lip, Submission. Very good quality. Ref KOMA 788017 ###
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 Anarchy Worldwide (Spunk tracks and live tracks from Scandinavia and USA) Ref SPAW 101 ###
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 Anarchy in the USA  (Goodman demos, interviews and various live and studio tracks renamed) Studio quality Ref MBC 2140015 ###
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 Chaos (Spedding sessions,Wanted and Sweden live tracks) No Feelings(Spedding)Problems(Spedding),Substitute,No Lip,Stepping Stone,Roadrunner,Watcha gonna do about it,Lazy Sod(live),I wanna be me (live)God save the Queen (live) all available on other albums Excellent quality Ref Restless 72922

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 Archive series (Spunk and Burton on Trent tracks) Pretty Vacant, Submission, Anarchy in the U.K. , No Lip [Live],Liar,God save the queen,Lazy Sod,Looking for a kiss,No Feelings,Problems,I wanna be me,Substitute (live),NoFun,Satellite,EMI,New York,Pretty Vacant(live),Anarchy in the UK (live)
all available on other albums  Studio Quality Ref RIALTO 218 ###

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 The Sex Pistols Collection (2 discs) Sex Pistols Goodman demo's and Sid Live at Max's.
C'mon everybody,Stepping Stone,No Lip,I wanna be your dog,Belsen,Chatterbox,Tight Pants,My Way,Search and Destroy,My way (demo),Pretty Vacant,Submission,Anarchy in the UK etc  all available on other albums.Volume 2 is Anarchy in the USA (as above) Studio quality ###

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 Cash from Chaos (Studio demos and  live tracks) God save the Queen, Problems, Pretty Vacant, Liar, EMI, Looking for a kiss, Lazy Sod , Anarchy in the UK, Satellite, No Feelings, Belsen was a gas, Submission.Very good quality Ref SPCFC 102 ###

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 Sex Pistols Live (Free CD given away with Greek magazine) : Anarchy in the UK, Search and destroy
 Chatterbox, I wanna be me, Lazy Sod, Looking for a kiss, No Lip, Stepping stone, Satellite, I wanna be your dog, Submission, Liar, Substitute, No Feelings, No Fun.   Ref MPH 007

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 Better live than Dead (Burton on Trent full show including Satellite/Suburban Kid) Excellent quality Ref DOJOCD 73 ###

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 Alive (Goodman demos,Chelmsford prison and Burton on Trent live tracks)
God Save the Queen,Pretty Vacant,Problems,EMI,Liar,New York,Anarchy in the UK,No feelings,Submission,I wanna be me,Seventeen,Satellite,Anarchy in The Uk,Did You No Wrong,Seventeen,New York,Stepping Stone,Liar,Pretty Vacant,Satellite,Submission,Substitute,No feelings,Problems,Dont Give Me No Lip Child,No Fun. Excellent quality Ref ESDCD 321 ###

 Limited Supply (Compilation live + studio tracks) Submission,Satelite,No Feelings,Seventeen,Bodies,New York,Liar,Emi,Submission,Chatterbox,Tight Pants,Something Else,My Way,God Save the Queen,Iwanna be me,Lazy Sod,Looking for a kiss,EMI,Bodies,Belsen was a gas,Holidays in the sun,No Feelings,Problem,Anarchy in the UK ,No Fun,Submission,Liar,Interview with Matlock,I wanna be me. Excellent quality

 The Collection (Australian compilation with poster) Tracks: God save the queen, Problems, Pretty vacant, Liar, E.M.I., Pills, Here we go again, Silly thing, Stepping stone, Dancing on the dole, mcLaren interview, Submission, Seventeen, Suburban kid, I wanna be me, Anarchy in the U.K., No feelings, Substitute.
Mostly Goodman demos and Ex Pistols. Telmak Label Ref TMAK174.

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 The Italian Job (Live tracks,Studio demo's and interviews) What's ya doin' about it, No feelings (rare instr. version), Italian fascist regime, Liar, Problem, Sid vicious explains russ meyer, J.Rotten & his mum about the record business, New york.  Excellent quality Ref MBC 2140016 ###

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 3 CD Box Set (10th Anniversary,Anarchy in the USA + The Italian Job - as above) Ref MBC 2142983

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 Last Show on Earth/Drugs Kill Side 1 = Goodman demos (Again..) Side 2 = Sid at Max's
Very Good Quality  Ref JOCKLP1 (From the Jock Box Set)

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 Super Best (Swindle tracks)
God save the queen Symphony, Rock around the clock,Johnny B Goode/Roadrunner, Black Arabs,Anarchy in the UK,Watcha gonna do abut it,Who Killed Bambi?,Silly Thing,Substitute,No Lip, Stepping Stone,Lonely Boy,Something Else,Anarchie pour le UK,Belsen 1,Belsen 2,No one is Innocent,My Way,C'mon Everybody,EMI (Orchestra),Rock 'n' Roll Swindle,You need hands,Frigging in the Rigging.

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 MTV Music History  (Swindle tracks) Rock Around The Clock,Anarchy In The UK,My Way,Who Killed Bambi? God Save The Queen,Johnny B. Good,Anarchie Pour Le UK,Pretty Vacant,C'Mon Everybody, Friggin' In The Riggin',Holiday In The Sun,Einmal War Belsen Wirflich Bortrefflish,You Need Hands, No Fun, Did You No Wrong, The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle, I Wanna Be Me, Something Else, EMI(Orch),No One Is Innocent,No Lip,Lonely Boy, Liar, Emi ,God Save The Queen (Symphony). ###

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