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London Weekend T.V.
Broadcast in London only, it was a documentary about the Sex Pistols and their cult following,only short clips of it have been shown since.Filmed at the Notre Dame Hall 1976.
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Today (London Weekend Television 1976)
Bill Grundy Interviews the Sex Pistols on TV at 6:00 pm (prime time as they say in the UK) and changes the course of history... You all know the story
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So It Goes (Granada TV 1976)
An amazing performance of Anarchy in the U.K. at Manchester Studios 1976,this is the Sex Pistols at their best, with Jordan and Nils shaking things up on the side. Some lunatic decided not to record them warming up.  
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The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle?
The only swindle here was the actual film - I was hoping to see early Pistols performances and street fashions,but no,,just Maclaren talking bollocks.Includes all videos for record releases. The music was great on the soundtrack album i.e.the early pistols music ( who does'nt like Johnny b goode/Roadrunner ?)
Also available in DVD format with extra footage such as the assault scene of Paul Cook by some hitchhikers (including a very gay Sting), slightly extra scene of Sid doing My Way and the full video of Something Else, a rather embarassing video of Silly Thing plus a few trailers and promos etc (very rare)
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The Punk Rock Movie
Poor quality film (compared to todays digital photography) about the punk movement filmed by Don Letts in 1977,not so much poor quality film but the bands really did sound that bad then and the Sex Pistols footage showed that Sid was'nt all that bad a bass player as history tells us, somewhat biased on Don Letts part as there is virtually no footage of anyone wearing Westwood/Maclaren designs, not even the Pistols were wearing any Seditionaries clothes. Still a great piece of work.
America - Longhorns Texas 1978 (This tour was doomed to be a disaster) Great footage but not all of the concert is on the video. Excellent quality

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Punk Rockers - (Live at Longhorns DVD) Don't be fooled by the pics on the cover, this is eaxctly the same as Live at Longhorns
America - Winterland 1978 (last concert of American tour) Excellent quality
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And the dream was over.The Sex Pistols  had burnt out.
You could sense the apathy of the band.
A film about the Sex Pistols tour of America 1978,showing how bad the American punk scene was. Included an interview with a London guy (Terry and the Idiots) who in no way represented the average British punk,what was the director thinking of ? A bitter irony in that everything punk was against turned out to be the Pistols last gig - playing to a load of hippies.Also an interview with Sid,how did he turn into this sad figure totally dependent on drugs. Excellent quality footage of the Pistols gigs which have'nt been commercially available.
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Sid + Nancy
Well acted with good lookalikes Gary Oldman + Chloe Webb, not very well scripted and more a novelty than fact but still quite enjoyable.
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BBC  Arena documentary "Punk + the Pistols"
Shown in 1996 on BBC 2,it was a documentary celebrating 20 years of punk with interviews with many of the people involved in the beginning. Jordan looking superb, Berlin (I always thought that was a girl), a bored Souxsie,the Pistols themselves,Maclaren talking sense for once,Westwood ,who always talks sense, but strangely no Marco (this man is unjustly ignored in punk documentaries), plus some unseen footage of the Pistols performing.A lot of footage is used in the Filth + Fury video.Highly Entertaining, BBC has no plans to air this programme again.
Kiss This.
5 track sample video - Anarchy in the UK x 2 versions,God save the Queen,Pretty Vacant and My Way
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Bollocks to Everyone (compilation including the London Weekend Show,Young generation,Grundy Interview,Sex Pistols Number 1 and various live gigs) Fair quality
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Decade USA compilation of various T.V. performances and interviews with Lydon and Mclaren
Buried Alive (USA video of interviews and live performances, Young Generation, London Weekend, Bill Grundy Show etc) Issued as side 2 of St Albans bootleg - Carry on part 2
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Classic Chaos cuts and clips (USA video compilation of live performance and interviews)
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 The Filth + the Fury a Sex Pistols Film
Not a lot in this film that has'nt been shown before but still great viewing, except for the constant irritating clips of Shakespeare's Richard 111 play, a parody of JR. (Thanks Sarah)
I Swear I Was There (Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall Manchester)
One of the most famous of the Pistols early performances, which spawned the start of the Manchester Punk scene. The events of the night and after are in the book of the same name. This documentary interviews some of the people who really were there that night. Among the audience were Morrisey, Bernie Summers, Peter Hook, Pete Shelley, Howard Devoto, Tony Wilson and Pete Morley. Parts of the gig were filmed and can be seen in the movie "24 Hour Party People" .
High Performance (HTV Wales)
A half hour local programme interviewing some of the people who were at the Caerphilly concert in 1976,and some of the people who were'nt there! Basically a tale of the Welsh punk scene. Reminiscent of the Pistols Manchester Free Trade Hall gig in 1976  where an extra 100 people claim to have been there. Methinks it could have been researched a bit better.There was a short clip of the Pistols playing but there is a lot more footage in the archives.Some scenes were used in the Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle film.
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