The Filth and the Fury – The Pistols meet Bill Grundy


The Silver Jubilee wasn’t the first time that the Queen furthered the careers of the Pistols. In December 1976, long-haired opera rockers, and Pistol’s labelmates, Queen pulled out of a TV interview on the Today show. Some last minute negotiations persuaded Malcolm McLaren to let the Sex Pistols appear instead. Arriving in a limousine provided … Read more

Review: 7 July 1996 – Sportshall, Prague, Czech Republic – Filthy Lucre Tour

Pistols Exhibition PRAGUE–The concert took place in Sport hall ‘Vystaviste’ (near the main exhibition area of Prague), capacity of the hall is from five to ten thousand people (or ten to fifteen? who knows). I came there at noon and there were quite a lot of strange-looking characters around, sitting on lawns, walking near streets … Read more

Review 17 August 1996 – Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, USA – Filthy Lucre Tour

Depending on how you chose to interpret them, John Lydon’s opening words at the Sex Pistols’ show on Saturday (August 17) at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom could have either been a challenge or a statement. “This is the Sex Pistols,” Lydon sneered, as he and his leather-clad bandmates took the stage for the first time ever … Read more

The Great Rock And Roll Swindle

The Great Rock And Roll Swindle soundtrack album of the film of the same name by Julien Temple. Following the end of the US tour the Pistols had gone their seperate ways. Lydon left the group entirely and refused to participate. The tracks featuring Johnny’s vocals were taken from earlier demo versions with the backing … Read more

Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols

Never mind The Bollocks

Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols was scheduled for official release date in the U.K. on 4th November, 1977. However copies were released prior to this in mid to late October 1977, by Virgin Records. Initially, only available as an 11 track album, & omitting the track ‘Submission’.